Assignments & Grades

Grades & Assignments

I follow the standard 100 point grading scale, using numbers and letters with a + or a  -.  I take grading to be an ethical contract:  I demonstrate what the expectations are for each level, and you are confident as to where you stand as the semester progresses.   Late work loses 5 pts a day.

Three Writing Projects 25 + 25% + 25%=75%

You will plan, write, and revise three writing projects or “essays” for this class– but they’ll differ slightly.  I’ll give you at least three prompts and require you to compose a response. Your work will be graded on content (does it respond to the prompt?), form (how does it make its points?) and style (how does it engage its audience?).  “A” level responses will have a clear sophistication in their development, fluency and cohesion of language, and a structure and delivery that connect with the audience. Part of each assignment will involve a period of proposing, drafting, revising, and rewriting.  I require and encourage writing as a process of thoughtful reflection and revision; once complete, however, each finished project will receive an unalterable grade– I do not allow revisions after the due date. I’ll give much more information on the writing projects as I assign them. The total of the Writing Projects will be 75% of your grade.

Informal Writing via discussion groups=15% 

Each week I’ll ask you to engage in the work of connecting thought to writing by participating in beyond the class work.  8 Friday classes will be devoted to the work of student-led discussions; each student will be required to lead one of these meetings and participate in 7 (total of 8).  Each session will address some question of interest, chosen by the host in advance. The informal sessions are short(15-30 minutes): the host will present a brief introduction/presentation/overview, followed by a short discussion by the attending students.  Host students will write a post detailing the focus of that week’s session no later than class time on Wednesday of each week; participating students will write a response post no later than Sunday of each week. Together, these will account for 15% of your grade.  I’ll give more detailed instructions before the work begins.

Participation, in class & beyond: = 10%

Participation assesses those activities that you perform that assist in the learning experience of others in this course.  I’ll invite you to write a brief self-assessment of your participation at the end of each unit.