Extra Credit Opportunity 11/18

You have an opportunity for extra credit that is due by 1159 pm on 11/18

Complete the self assessment for Writing Project 2

This opportunity a self assessment of the process for Writing Project 1, is worth 2% extra credit on top of the final grade for Project 1.

(1) Navigate to the shared spreadsheet by clicking this link. When prompted, make a copy and save it with YOUR NAME replacing the first word of the file TEMPLATE.


(2) After renaming the copy, fill out the form to indicate the appropriate credit for your participation in the activities

(3) most activities require substantiating proof, listed in column E. Insert the evidence in column D.

(4) Fill in the points for each item you completed by the deadline. Most are worth 5 pts, but this self assessment is worth 2.

(5) When finished, share the spreadsheet with me by clicking the share button on the top right and entering my gmail address: randall.cream@gmail.com