Portfolio & Theory of Writing

At the end of the term, you must use WCU’s eportfolio system to submit a portfolio of writing from this course.  Additionally, you must engage in reflective writing– we call that the Theory of Writing.

Theory of Writing Assignment

To compose your theory of writing, write a series of short paragraphs (3-5 sentences each, no more than 100 words each) that answer these questions about your work in the course.

(1) What is good writing, as framed by your experience in this course?

(2) How does writing change in different genres, as framed by your experience of writing in this course?

(3) How do audience expectations affect our writing processes, as framed by writing in this course?

Portfolio Submission

You’ll make a portfolio using D2L’s eportfolio system.

  1. Prepare your documents.  Your portfolio consists of either 3 or 4 documents (3 if you elect not to complete Writing Project 3, and 4 if you do complete it). Each document is the final, finished, as submitted document– NOT all the drafts, etc.  For each document, whether it’s a slideshow or an Essay, download it from Google Drive as a pdf and name it “YOURNAME_WritingProjectx.” Name the Theory of Writing “YOURNAME_Theory of Writing.”
  2. Upload your documents. Using D2L, create your portfolio and upload the documents to the system.  Here’s a student guide that walks you through, step by step.
  3. Share your portfolio.  You must share your portfolio with two users:  FirstYearWriting (all one word) and your instructor, Randall Cream rcream@wcupa.edu. Here’s a student guide that walks you through, step by step.

Your portfolio must be submitted by the end of the term, Friday 12/13.  Students who do not submit a portfolio will receive an incomplete.