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Cristian Galilea – Weekly Writing & Blogs

Comments on Julia D

Positive: I think you have some great ideas that are explained well
Constructive: There are some spelling errors and a few grammatical errors
Percy: I think the places you have set out for your quotes are good spots but I dont know how they will look without actually seeing them

Kira Aves Peer Review

Positive: I like the section about the importance of study abroad programs and the mention of the grand canyon and how we can have preconceived notions about both.
Constructive: The opening paragraph feels very long and wordy, maybe find a way to shorten it a little.
Percy: Good use of Percy I feel like it fits well into the paragraphs

John Camperson Peer Review

Praise: Great opening paragraph it really ties the thesis to the rest of the of the essay
Constructive: Maybe go a little more in depth about the ideas you present throughout the paper
Percy: Your use of percy works really well each time you use it
Overall a great essay

Peer Review Nick Gamba’s Group

Praise: This is a really thought out thesis that you can take in many directions and expand into a really well written paper
Constructive: I feel that this would fit better into topic 2 rather then 4 because its being outside of the daily classroom routine but there are still some form of teacher involved
Percy: Great use of quotes, these can be used to back up the ideas you write about very well

Peer review Shawn Harris

Praise: I think this is a great thesis statement which you can branch off of in many ways and write a really good paper about
Constructive:The last quote has me a little confused on how it could fit in right now but with it actually involved in a paragraph it could work
Percy: I think most of the quotes fit really well with the thesis

Response to Shawn

Group: Kyle Owens, Bella, Jake D, Kenzie Neiderer, Jason, Gabby, Shawn, Jenna, Sabrina, Cristian Galilea, David Heffron, Joshua Rogers, Muhammad Rabi, Jake Heikkinen, Sean Redding, Tyler E, Nick, Timothy Domanowski, Sam Livorno

The group for Friday had a large turn out. There were actually two groups discussing similar topics revolving around taking short cuts. A main idea that was thrown around by many was the talk about memorizing topics for classes. By memorizing these topics to make it easier for yourself at the time, you really make it harder in the future. While you may remember the topics for the test once that time has passed you will struggle to recall what it was. This is because you didn’t actually learn it you just temporarily help on to it until you felt you didn’t need it anymore. One main reason why we use memorization is because many classes are taught through slideshows. Slideshows make it easier for the teacher to present their lesson but to the students it doesn’t really feel like being taught. It can be seen as needing to memorize what is on those slides which ultimately leads to very little learning if any. This short cut may benefit the teacher when they make the presentation but that short cut ends up hurting the students trying to learn.

Response to Rabi

Group: Rabi, Jason, Gabbi, Shawn, Jake, Riley

In the discussion group we talked about what harm could come form taking short cuts. When someone takes a short cut they end up cheating themselves more in the long run. An example we discussed was someone cheating on an assignment, they copy the answers from a friend and get a good grade. However when the test comes around they fail and wonder why. They end up limiting themselves and end up lacking real understanding of what is going on. Through that lack of understanding they would also bring a lack of creativity. By taking shortcuts we limit creativity in the way that they only understand one way to go about things when their are many possibilities. We gain no other ways of doing something that could have been done a more efficient way if we would not take the shortcut. We discussed that by ignoring the possibility of creativity they also end up ignoring other people. There becomes this lack of interaction when everyone just takes shortcuts and doesn’t collaborate, interaction with others allows for life lessons and without that we lose so much from a society.

Rough Draft Topic 4

Cristian Galilea

Working Title

Friere has mentioned many times in his writings about education that there is a need for student interaction. Many professors and students agree on the idea that having student interaction with what is being taught causes them to retain more information.  So why hasn’t this way of teaching been implemented into more classes? The class I will be going through and talking about how it could be changed is the Intro to Criminal Justice. A course that tries to cover a large range of information in half a semester inorder to keep students in, but ultimately causes few to retain mosof what is taught.

In Intro to Criminal Justice you go over the many forms of law, from the history to the people who enforce it, and yet it is all done through a slide show of notes and a reading in the textbook. A way to make this more engaging for the students is to have a person who is or was in the criminal justice profession and talk about what it is really like and what they had to do. This also allows the students to be more engaged by asking questions and really hear what its like to do that job. Also to implement recording into the discussion would allow students to go back later to watch it and take notes on what the person said. This would, in my opinion, cause the students to retain more of what the lesson was about. This would have to be paired with the reading as well and maybe a short slide show about it but this is where we could incorporate another idea. Recording an in class discussion on the reading. This would put more stress on learning the material from the reading and if you are having trouble retaining it all or want to know more about a section of it you can discuss it with the teacher in class. The purpose of recording it instead of taking notes allows everyone to be more focussed on the discussion at hand and be engaged in the conversation, this also allows students to help students if they know the material better. The recording also offers a way of going back over the discussion to then take notes on anything you are confused or interested about. Both of these ways would greatly increase student attention and participation in class while also putting emphasis on the importance of doing the reading.

 As of now the lack of interest and interaction among the students is quite obvious. The classes are mostly silence and blank stares as the professor reads off the slides until class ends. This course in crucial to keeping the interest people have in studying criminal justice either as their major or a minor. Because of the lack of interaction it is hard for everyone to remember the information because it is simply being read to them in a lecture style way of teaching without going in depth. This is a course that does not feel like it should be lecture based because you need to be engaged in order to find the right path to take your next courses and where you want to take your life after college.

Writing Proposal 1

Group: Cristian Galilea

Topic: 2 Student Power. How Banking education dehumanizes and limits education of the students.

Thesis: I will write about the importance of the Problem Posing form of education and how WCU can benefit form incorporating it into more classes. As of now classes still feel like it is a lot about memorizing certain information until a test and then losing it right after. Going about learning this way will amount to nothing, it will make the students feel like they are machines meant to be filled instead of being a conscious learner of the world making them feel dehumanized. Applying Problem Posing would allow more freedom in the way of learning and really free the mind to learn for learning sake instead of being told to memorize only to lose the information.

Quotes:  “But one does not liberate people by alienating them. Authentic liberation—the process of humanization—is not another deposit to be made in men. Liberation is a praxis: the action and reflection of men and women upon their world in order to transform it. Those truly committed to the cause of liberation can accept neither the mechanistic concept of consciousness as an empty vessel to be filled, nor the use of banking methods of domination(propaganda, slogans—deposits) in the name of liberation.”-page 4 par 2

“Resignation gives way to the drive for transformation and inquiry, over which men feel themselves to be in control. If people, as historical beings necessarily engaged with other people in a movement of inquiry, did not control that movement, it would be (and is) a violation of their humanity. Any situation in which some individuals prevent others from engaging in the process of inquiry is one of violence. The means used are not important;to alienate human beings from their own decision-making is to change them into objects.”- page 6 par 6/7

Response to Jason R

We discussed how Problem Posing is the better form of education when compared to Banking Education. We decided that Problem Posing is the better form of education because it focuses on solving a problem and gets you engaged in the topic. Banking Educations is just being told information and being made to memorize it, no real interaction and no real learning happen. We linked this to how classes around your major feel like problem posing, because you are interested, and some general education classes feel like Banking education, because you don’t care about it as much and memorize to pass. Not all classes can be split into these groups but we believe WCU does a good job with engaging classes.

Jason R, Lia S, Juliana B, Timothy, Riley B, Maddie E, Muhammad R, Ruthie L, Jake H, Sean R, Nick P, Cristian G, Micheal R, Jake D, Gabby L

Discussion 1

We talked about what the author meant when he said that teachers and students are opposites. Basically saying that the students had no input or choice about what was going on in the classroom. They were to be governed solely by the teacher and do exactly as they said. We believe, in the modern classroom, that this is no longer true. In modern day classrooms there is input and discussions with students to make the class run more smoothly to ensure that everyone can get a grasp of what is being taught and not simply be a bank for knowledge but actually know and understand what is being taught. We agreed that this theory could still apply to older teachers who have taught like that in the past, while younger teachers are more open to opinions from the students and value engagement in what they are teaching. As this theory may have been true when this was published, we can see a clear change in how classrooms are now run in more of a joint effort from the teacher and their students.

Robi, Sarah, Kyle, Gabby, Sabrina, Timothy