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Leadership – Weekly Writing & Blogs

Final discussion group

  • Topic: In class this week we talked about if we are excused from the third essay. During this discussion group we will talk about how our papers went through out this semester and how we can improve for next semester.
  • Tables outside University Hall on Thursday Dec. 5th at 11:30 am

Last Discussion

This discussion group will discuss how the semester went for everyone in Writing 120. We will talk about both Freire and Percy and their learning styles. It will be interesting to hear everyone’s opinions on the semester and each project that we completed.

Date: Tuesday, December 3

Time: 9:30am

Location: Tables outside University Hall

Discussion group

Where and when: Tables outside of the Tyson Hall at 11 am on Nov 21, 2019

Topic: Throughout this semester, we have been asked to participate in various discussion group activities, whether it be leading a discussion or following one. There are both positive qualities and negative qualities of participating in discussion groups. In this discussion, we will be tearing apart the negative and positive aspects of the discussion group and how it relates back to the individual.

Timothy’s Discussion group

We will be talking about our experiences with the discussion groups to see what was the best ways of conducting a discussion group and what were ways which negatively impacted the purpose of the discussion group. My discussion group will take place in the same room as class on Friday 10:00 this week 11/22/19.

Discussion group brief

When: 11/15 at 11:00am

Where: Sykes Lounge, once you enter through the front make a right and it’ll be there

Discussion: As the second writing project of the semester comes to a close it’s only natural to delve a little deeper in the form of a group discussion about the outcome of the paper, the topics chosen, and the details each one of us incorporated with our essays. With the discussion it’d be preferred if we were to talk about the topics presented to us for the essays, mainly Education beyond the classroom as it seems a good number of us had decided to form our projects off the topic however if someone wants to talk about another topic, perhaps the one they selected then this is alright.

Discussion 5

Kyle Owens, Bella B, Jake D, Kenzie Neiderer, Jason Gabby, Shawn, Jenna, Sabrina, Cristian Galilea, David Heffron, Joshua Rogers, Muhammad Rabi, Jake Heikkinen, Sean Redding, Tyler E, Nick,Timothy Domanowski

As a student what drives me to learn is my future. I feel that how I act now will have a significant reflection on what my career and family will be like. Furthermore, if I am responsible  with my homework and classes, it will transfer to my career and family. The best way we learn is to learn through what techniques are best for us as individuals. As Percy discusses in his passage, I feel the best way we learn is to see and experience academics in our way, whether it be the beaten path or the path unchosen. 

Discussion group 10/24

Topic: Today in class we talked about the “educational packages” that teachers give to students. Percy says that in these educational packages there is only a small part of it that is intended to be learned. How do we find this piece of learning? What educational packages have we seen in our own learning experiences?

Where: Tables outside University Hall

Time: 9:30 am, Thursday

Discussion Group 10/25

In this discussion group, we will talk about shortcuts. We’ll touch on the benefits and drawbacks of taking shortcuts, how shortcuts affect our everyday, and how we sometimes take shortcuts without even noticing.

Date/Time: Friday, October 25 @3pm

Location: CSI(room with all of the windows on the 2nd floor of Sykes)

Percy and Freire

This discussion group is going to discuss the similarities and difference between Percy’s and Freire’s beliefs. Both of their pieces represent strong feelings and ideas and we are going to talk about the connections between each.

Location: Quad outside of University Hall

Date: Friday, October 25

Time: 9:00am

Discussion Group 10/25

Topic: If you take a shortcut you may think that you are smart, but in reality you’re only blending in with the rest of society. In this discussion group we will talk about how shortcuts are actually just regular cuts because they aren’t short anymore.

Take place: Thursday at 11:15 am by the tables outside of University Hall

Topic for Discussion 10-25

Walker Percy talks about the Pre-formulated Symbolic Complex by which we learn about things, and ascribe meaning to them, in context through words, naming, association. And therefore lose the experience because our brains mess us up. Have you had a situation where before experiencing something new, you heard about it or got some second hand description, and then your experience turned out different than expected? If so how do we solve the problem of P.S.C?

Location Frederick Douglass statue Sat at 3pm

Topic for discussion group 5 10/25

Topic: In this weeks discussion group we will talk again about “The Loss of the Creature” by Percy. Specifically about how Percy talks about everyone taking the beaten track or shortcut which does not make it short anymore. We will talk about the benefits of not taking the shortcut or beaten track and opinions if we should take the shortcut way.

Location:@ Main Hall 300 Friday at 10am

Discussion Group 10/25

In the reading, Percy talks about people taking shortcuts and how its common. In this discussion group we will be talking about how in are daily everyday lives we take shortcuts without even knowing it.

Location: Main Hall 300 @10am

Discussion Group 10/24

We will be discussing how comparing an experience to a previous one will affect the later experience and answering the question of if you believe a past experience ruins a later experience.

Location: tables inside of the rec center at 3:45 pm