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Topics for Discussion Group 3 – Weekly Writing & Blogs

Topics for Discussion Group 3

Group Members: Richard Walther and Donald Lessing

Imagine only being exposed to only one race, class, or gender? When are group met up today we discussed the topic of teachers and their relationships with students at WCU regarding race, gender, class etc. Our main topic of discussion is how some teachers can be very ignorant about students background and how they can be so close-minded. If they grew up in an older generation there values and beliefs are going to be totally different then how they are if you lived in this generation today. Some teachers will only stick to the stuff that they know because that’s the only thing they grew up on. To add, if they keep being so ignorant they won’t be able to listen or even connect to their students if they wanted to. All feels as though as teachers should take some type of class or training to focus more on getting to know different races and genders so they can be prepared for the future that is ahead of them. Also, if you only grew up knowing one race,class, or gender you cannot relate to the other population of class besides the one you know. 

How does one learn productively? (discussion week 3)

Leader: Haley Myers

Time: Thursday Sept 19, 2019 @9am

Location: the sofas right inside of Sikes when you walk into the building from the main entrance

Topic: For this week’s topic, we are going to talk about the concept of learning. Learning is a concept that requires a minimum of 2 people that requires communication. In what way does Freire portray how a person can learn productively? What is the process of learning for one to comprehend simple subjects? After the discussion, a question to ask yourself is what have you learned from the discussion itself?

Week 3 Discussion Group

Included in the topics for the writing project, there is a subject of the power students have in a learning environment. This discussion group will be talking about how a student can help themselves, teachers and their peers learn in a classroom. Also we will discuss how we can use this knowledge in the upcoming writing project.

Location: Tables Outside Lawrence

When: Friday September, 20th @ 3:30

Response to Isabella Bedore

In this group we talked a lot about how West Chester’s campus is laid out. We talked about how the library should be closer to the dorms because it makes no sense for students too have to walk that far. But it is good that the classrooms are spread out from the dorms because it makes it a different environment. You get out of the chill mode you were in while in your dorm. We also talked about how classes of high quantity are very inefficient because if a student has a question, it is hard for a professor to see them when there are 200 students in one study hall. West Chester made a mistake also we believe with the first year experience class. This is because of how everyone has a different opinions and mindsets so it always just turns into a political debate. There are improvements West Chester could make to make our education more convenient and efficient. Let’s hope they will keep striving to fix some of the problems that we face as students.

Group: Emily, Tj, Lauren, Jenna, Adam, Sam, Michael, Luke, Gabe, Bella