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Topics for Discussion Group 2 – Weekly Writing & Blogs

Discussion 5

Kyle Owens, Bella B, Jake D, Kenzie Neiderer, Jason Gabby, Shawn, Jenna, Sabrina, Cristian Galilea, David Heffron, Joshua Rogers, Muhammad Rabi, Jake Heikkinen, Sean Redding, Tyler E, Nick,Timothy Domanowski

As a student what drives me to learn is my future. I feel that how I act now will have a significant reflection on what my career and family will be like. Furthermore, if I am responsible  with my homework and classes, it will transfer to my career and family. The best way we learn is to learn through what techniques are best for us as individuals. As Percy discusses in his passage, I feel the best way we learn is to see and experience academics in our way, whether it be the beaten path or the path unchosen. 

Discussion week 3

Sam Livorno 

September 19, 2019

WRT 120

Professor Randall


Haley Clark 

Brandon Zahal – leader

Sarah Veneziale

Sam wheitzel

David Macmullen

Shamus Corkery

Gabe jsinskn

Amanda jieng

Catherine Sola 

Topic: Do you agree with friers ways of teaching?

  I do agree with his ways of teaching because of how he portrays it.  He contradicts himself in order to show how complicated the relationship between the teacher and student can be. I agree with how he shows this because due to the gap between students and teachers, neither party are able to learn. With that, this relationship can be saved, by firm communication on both ends, ensuring that both the student and teacher are equal in the class room.

Response to Caitlin Mangini

group: Amanda Regan, Srarah veneziale, Meghan kidd, Seamus Corkery, Sabrina lindeley, Haley Clark, Ava Hill

Response: In today’s discussion we talked about how students are supposed to just obtain all the information teachers give them like a robot without even processing the content. People can agree with this because teachers expect you to know the answer right away and they will randomly call you out and put you on the spot to answer anything they ask. Teachers read from power points and except the students to just know everything and memorize everything that was put on the screen. They dont take the time to explain it and make the students understand fully. Students then most likely feel stressed because they have to learn all the material in order to pass tests. People could also disagree with this because the teachers expect you to make the most out of what they tell you in class so its up to you what you want to gain from it. When teachers lecture at you it is up to you to re teach yourself the material and make sure you understand what is going on.

Discussion Week 2

One of the writing prompts talks about how space can influence a person’s ability to learn. In this discussion group, we will analyze how space, both metaphorical and physical, within our education (at WCU) impacts our learning capabilities.

Location: Picnic Tables outside of Lawrence

When: Friday, September 13th @ 10:30 am

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to DM me on instagram @bella.bedore

Week 2 Discussion Group

Freire said ” Education must begin with the solution of the teacher-student contradiction, by reconciling the poles of the contradiction so that both are simultaneously teachers and students”. Do you believe that teachers can learn just as much from students as the students learn from them? Why or why not?

Thursday Sept. 12th, 2019

In the patio outside Lawrence @ 2pm (if it rains go inside in the seating area)

Response to Meghan K.

Meghan K. and I met up and discussed how students and teachers interact and how they benefit from each other. We discussed the assumption of roles for both students and teachers. This being that teachers are meant to provide information for their student, and students are to memorize this information to then be tested on it. One major point we made was how, nowadays, teachers and students tend to build some sort of relationship in order get along better. Rather than having the teacher talk the entire time, it is more common and effective to have the students also participate in the classroom. If the class dynamic turns into more of a discussion between students and their teacher, it is more likely the students will have a stronger understanding of the class overall.