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Leann Carroll – Weekly Writing & Blogs

response to Ruthie

group members: Katherine Sola and Sam Weitzel

In our discussion group we talked about the topics Ruthie proposed which was what is our motivation for learning? And how do we best learn? We talked about how everyone has different learning styles which work best for them. We all agreed that we work best in groups and communicating with one another, hands on activities. Sometimes we don’t always have motivation to learn when it is about a topic you’re not interested in. We talked about how you have to pay more attention to those topics and incorporate them in a way that you will understand. We related this to both Percy and Freire. We talked about both of the projects and discussed which topics we liked and didn’t like. This discussion group was very beneficial. We talked about how each of us learns and also talked about the class as a whole. Many different topics came up which made for a better discussion.

response to sam

group members: Katherine Sola

In our group we talked about how Walker Percy says “How does one see the thing better when others are absent?”. We talked about this in depth and how much this actually affects people. Some people might completely work better when they are all alone and everyone else is absent. This would give them more opportunities to think on their own and be productive. Some people might work. better in smaller groups. If you were to split a class room into groups it would work foe some people to be able to get ideas from others. This can make more people feel more comfortable to be able to ask questions and learn more. Our group discussion brought up many deep topics and helped us all think and understand what Percy was saying.

response to josh

group: josh

In our discussion we talked about how freire claims that “no one teaches another, nor is anyone self-taught. People teach each other”. Freire seems like he is contradicting himself in this statement. If you really think into I don’t think he is. Its hard to teach people because everyone has a different way on learning and interpreting information. You could try to teach something information multiple times and there is still a chance they won’t understand. People aren’t self -taught because you can’t learn anything completely by yourself. One of the most common ways people learn is through experience. If you make a mistake you know not to do that again and you learned from it. Another way people learn is from teaching another. If you explain information to someone they might not understand it at all but you will understand that information better and will actually learn more than if someone tried to teach you. Freire statement really makes you think deep into how people learn and what they learn from.

katherines discussion group

group: Sam, Katherine, Jeff, Josh

In our group we discussed Freire’s point that ” the teacher teaches and the students are taught” and that the “the teacher knows everything and the students know nothing”. I think that this is sometimes true. Some teachers do believe that they know everything and are never wrong. In most cases a teacher learns from students just as much as a student learns from a teacher. They are able to share input and information about topics that they could have different views on, which could be beneficial for learning more about the other opinion and make they think outside their comfort zone. It is also very helpful when students learn from each other. A teacher could explain something in a complex way that some students might not understand. A student could simplify it and actually teach another student to help them understand. Freire really makes you think about how much we can learn from one another. It doesn’t matter what “role” you play either being teacher, student, or just a friend. We can all learn something from one another.

Response to Mia Citerone

During our discussion group we talked about how Freire refers to students as trash. Students have to memorize information to do good on the test. They usually don’t actually learn the information and will most likely forget it all after the test. If teachers took more time to teach the material, students would never need to go back and reteach themselves it. Teachers throw information at students like they are trash cans. Freire thinks that teachers aren’t actually teaching the students so they will learn it, he thinks that they are telling students information to see how well it can be memorized. Most students do good on the test they take right after the information is giving. They will forget some or all of the information when it’s time to take the midterm or final. Freire did a very good job at explaining how teachers teach and how most students don’t actually learn.

Group: Mimi, Mia, Ethan, Emily, John, Brandon