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Shawn Harris – Weekly Writing & Blogs

Proposal 3

Problem: Students at West Chester are not able to do work in classes because other classes are giving more work or not enough work in classes. The students cannot be successful in their main courses if classes are not a main priority.

 Solution: Change the workload in the classes that are not a big effect on the person’s major/grade. Also, for major courses have more work but relates to my major and I will use for future reference. 

Effects: Students will only focus on their major and work for those classes only.

Students will be less stressed about the classes that are not as important. 

 Professors can work mainly on the material that they want to give the students instead of having to give extra work. 

Students now can focus on extracurriculars and get a job. 

Draft 1 Review

Nik Passias

Praise: I like your subtopics and how they connect to the topic you want to discuss.

Constructive: Maybe try to get your format of the essay together because it kind of feels all over.

Percy: Good usage of Percy in a part of essay.

Draft Review 1 Nick

Nick Gamba’s Group

Praise: Your topics that you dicuss throughout the paper were good.

Constructive: Towards the end it was kind of short maybe expand more of what you are saying.

Percy: You have very strong percy quotes tom support your claim.

Discussion Group 10/25

In the reading, Percy talks about people taking shortcuts and how its common. In this discussion group we will be talking about how in are daily everyday lives we take shortcuts without even knowing it.

Location: Main Hall 300 @10am

Response to Rabi

Group: Rabi, Jason, Gabbi, Shawn, Jake, Riley, Christian

During the discussion we talked about how people take shortcuts and the benefits of not taking shortcuts. Also, we then all talked about are opinion of the situation. My view on it is that taking shortcuts will only result into not growing at all because you are copying off of someone’s work. The worst part about it is that people will do that and pretend like it is there own stuff which is crazy to me. To add, people also tend to make mistakes because they acted very quickly. When people acted quickly they don’t think about what they are doing until after its over. Since you are quick on your decision you don’t have time to process the pros and cons of the choice your making. Lastly, if you take shortcuts you cannot be original at all. Like I said before if you take a shortcut you are not being creative and can’t think of others ways to reach whatever your suppose to be looking for.

Writing Project Proposal

Topic: Topic 3- Students/Teachers Relationships @WCU

Group: Myself

Thesis:  Freire has said that the relationship between students are the main focus points of learning. At WCU, the relationships can be understood way better through learning, understanding, and communicating better with students.

Quotes: “Education thus becomes an act of depositing, in which the students are the depositories and the teacher is the depositor.” Page 1 Paragraph 3

” The teacher chooses the program content, and the students (who were not consulted) adapt to it,” Page 1 Bulletin h

Topics for Discussion Group 3

Group Members: Richard Walther and Donald Lessing

Imagine only being exposed to only one race, class, or gender? When are group met up today we discussed the topic of teachers and their relationships with students at WCU regarding race, gender, class etc. Our main topic of discussion is how some teachers can be very ignorant about students background and how they can be so close-minded. If they grew up in an older generation there values and beliefs are going to be totally different then how they are if you lived in this generation today. Some teachers will only stick to the stuff that they know because that’s the only thing they grew up on. To add, if they keep being so ignorant they won’t be able to listen or even connect to their students if they wanted to. All feels as though as teachers should take some type of class or training to focus more on getting to know different races and genders so they can be prepared for the future that is ahead of them. Also, if you only grew up knowing one race,class, or gender you cannot relate to the other population of class besides the one you know.