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Timothy Domanowski – Weekly Writing & Blogs

Timothy’s Discussion group

We will be talking about our experiences with the discussion groups to see what was the best ways of conducting a discussion group and what were ways which negatively impacted the purpose of the discussion group. My discussion group will take place in the same room as class on Friday 10:00 this week 11/22/19.

Topic Proposal 2

Topic #2

Most of your time is spent outside of class so that leaves you with many opportunities to learn outside of class. There are many things you could do to learn outside of the classroom you could join a club which relates to the subject(If you are taking a computer science class you could join the computer club), Learn more about it by looking it up on the internet, and go over what you learned in class. In a classroom the teacher might not be effective in teaching the subject or it simply requires more time than is available in the classroom to learn it so in order to learn you need to spend some time outside the classroom to effectively learn the subject. You must find the best way to learn yourself for some simply memorizing something might be enough but most of the time deeper learning must be used like by learning a math problem you simply try to do it by using trial and error you will learn more from that then looking up how to do it because you learned it yourself(This relates to Percy’s idea of taking the unbeaten path, the learner instead of using a path that was made for him like a youtube video explaining it solves it themselves). You could go to a club or a tutorer or simply another class mate and try to learn from them allowing a similar environment to the classroom to learn in. You can look at the notes you took in class to make sure you learned what was taught to you in class which if you don’t feel like you understood it completely you could go on the internet to teach yourself or go to someone who could teach it to you. This allows for a student to learn in a way that more suits them.

Percy idea that I don’t know how to fit in

  • The fact that the subjects you are learning have been taught to millions of people might take the value away from learning it you could see it as just another basic to be learned but it should be viewed to you as just as important as learning something that was never known before because it is new to you and you need that knowledge.
  • Being taught something is not as efficient as learning it yourself. You need to keep your sovereignty and not give it away to someone so they could teach it to you. You could still learn the topic but it is better to let your self struggle to learn it yourself in order to most effectively learn it. If you give it to someone else they will try to teach it to you on their terms which you have to try to meet in order to learn it.
  • In Percy’s example of the dogfish the student learns more by interacting with it themselves without being given any instructions but simply an objective this allows for the student to learn most effectively by discovering it themselves

Discussion Group 5

Timothy Domanowski, Kyle Owens, Bella B, Jake D, Kenzie Neiderer, Jason Gabby, Shawn, Jenna, Sabrina, Cristian Galilea, David Heffron, Joshua Rogers, Muhammad Rabi, Jake Heikkinen, Sean Redding, Tyler Evans,  Sam Livorno

The questions was on how to learn effectively which I suggested that you must do more then memorize the answers and you need to know how to get the answer. I compared it to how I study for math classes in which I try to solve a problem by only being able to check if I got it right and if I need help I look up how to do the question. Some other ideas people came up with was Memorization isn’t effective, we wind up making more work for ourselves Teachers using Power point makes it easier for the professors and harder for students, Shortcuts don’t allow for creativity, and change is a creative process. Googling the answers to homework is easier but won’t help you on the test later. Simply memorizing is not enough for effective learning and you yourself need to be teaching yourself.

Discussion group 4

Timothy D, Michal T, Kyle, Michal R

When someone is the first to discover something it is at its most value for someone but as more people see it it starts losing its value. Walker Percy says that it loses its value by how many people see it so if a million people see it it has one millionth of the value. Our Idea is similar that the first couple people who see for instance the grand canyon it is very special but ounce a lot of people start seeing it the value decreases because it becomes known but at a certain point the value stops decreasing with the amount of people who see it kind of like a graph where it starts coming close to zero but never touching. The author said that ounce a million people see it it has one milithon of the value. A similar thing that could happen to us is going to a restaurant that not a lot of people know about and it is like you discovered it unlock going to a popular restaurant. Even if something has been discovered it can still be very valuable like getting to the top of mount everest a lot of people have been to the top but the journey makes it more valuable.

Topic Proposal

Timothy Domanowski

I selected the first option which is the space of education and would like to focus on how classrooms are designed. The classrooms design is usually all the desks facing one direction which is where the teacher has a desk and board to teach with. This usually makes it awkward for whenever a student speaks and the class would like to give their attention but if you are sitting in front of that student you have to turn around in a desk that was meant to be facing the opposite direction. A better way to design a room to learn would be in a more circular pattern so students could talk with another for education purposes more easily.

“Education thus becomes an act of depositing, in which the students are the depositories and the teacher is the depositor” education is too much of the teacher talking to students.

“The students—no longer doc ile listeners—are now critical co-investigators in dialogue with the teacher. The teacher presents the material to the students for their consideration, and re-considers her earlier considerations as the students express their own” Students should be able to be positioned in a better way to communicate with each other.

Jason R, Liya S, Juliana B, Timothy Domanowski, Riley B, Maddie E, Mohamad R, Ruthie L, Jake H, Saen R, Nick P, Christian j, Micheal R, Jake D, Gabby L,

Difference between the Banking education and Problem posing education.

The banking of education is not a good system because of how passive you are and your not actually learning you are just temporarily storing information. High school was mostly the banking education model with the teacher simply teaching so you can do good on the next test which the information doesn’t last as long as soon as the test is done and you don’t need it anymore the same goes for classes in college that you are only taking for credits not because you actually want to learn the topic. An example given was an accounting major taking a history classes because you need to and everything in class that was learned will quickly leave your brain ounce the class is over and the class was basically a waste of your time. The problem posing method is better because it makes students more engaged in the topic but the problem of students not caring is still there.

Writing group 2

Timothy Domanowski, Jake D, Gabby L, David H, Jason R, Maddy B,

The the topic is that oppressed people in the society are seen as not part of the society.

Jake says he feels that there should be more opportunities for oppressed people. Which goes into his background which he worked at Andrew L Hicks Jr foundation to help kids in Chester. The richer families have an easier time than the poorer ones. You can’t stop people from being poor but you can help them get on their feet and improve their lives. For example Jake did a backpack drive for schools to help kids get access to school supplies; He also helped kids by mentoring them and still talks to someone of them to this day. The poor are still part of our society and we still interact with them on the street and we can’t ignore them by acting like they are not part of our community. More people should try to help out people in worse conditions than them.

Discussion group 1

Timothy Domanowski

The group I met with was Kyle, Sarah, Sabrina, Gabby, Raby, and Christian G. Gabby started with telling what she thought of the text which was that students and teachers are opposites. Kyle said that the teachers don’t allow creativity. As well that the teachers purpose is to teach and the students is to learn what is being taught to them. Sarah said that from he experience that teachers are doing better of not simply telling information to the student, I agree with this for I also experienced teachers that were more friendly towards students and tried to improve the learning experience trying to teach more or faster. Sarah also brought up that treating students as containers is not a good way to describe or treat students. Sabrina brought up how unlike slaves the teacher never realize that they learn from the students as well. Over all we agreed that this look of the student teacher relationship looks different now for at least most teachers and that it is usually the older teachers which are like this with the younger teachers don’t act like described in the reading. We also agreed that his look is probably due to it being written in 1970s which would explain why the type of teachers that are described are not seen often due to most likely them retiring from teaching and new teachers taking their place.