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Writing Project 1 Draft – Weekly Writing & Blogs

Writing Project 1 Draft

John Camperson 

Freire believes that there is a need for re-shaping the spaces of education, in order to get more out of it for the students. Through his concept of learning this will allow for an improvement of education. Re-shaping the spaces at WCU could go in all different directions, with a main focal point on helping the health science majors. Most students at WCU live on North Campus, which is where most of the classes are. Students that live on north campus that are health science majors are impacted negatively due to the health science center being located at south campus. Some of the ways that this issue could be fixed include buying out the land in between north and south campus, building more dorms for underclassman that are between north and south campus, as well as more academic buildings. 

There is a substantially large area of land in between north and south campus that could be bought out. It would not be that much money, since it is all mostly homeowners. If the university took over the land, there would not be a huge gap in between north and south campus. This overtime would make a great impact on health science majors. There could be new construction for the university in this space that they could acquire. The construction could be dedicated to making life on campus easier for the health science majors, who are now seen as somewhat of second-class citizens. Freire mentions how the students “adapt to the world as it is and to the fragmented view of reality deposited in them” (Freire 2). This is very true because the students that must get to south campus for classes have learned to adapt to the ways of transportation to get down there. Students would be much better adapted to a new campus with new space.  

With the new land that WCU can acquire, they can build dorms for underclassman in between north and south campus. Students that are health science majors could live in the new dorms, so that it can be easier for them to get from one side of the campus to the other. Right now, most of the students are living on north campus, so it is sometimes hard to make it over to south campus in time for a class. Building new living spaces for students will make their lives a lot easier, so they do not have to stress as much. Arriving late to class because of something as simple as missing a shuttle should not be a huge deal. Through Freire’s concept of banking education, there are practices including “the teacher chooses and enforces his choice, and the students comply” (Freire 1). This connects with how the students must take the shuttle down to south campus to get to certain classes. It is not their choice to have a class or two across campus. The schedule is chosen for them.  

In addition to building more living space in the new acquired area, WCU could also build more academic buildings for students and staff. This could also be dedicated more for the health science majors, so that they are not scrambling around campus trying to get from class to class. Overtime, this could allow for the campus to become more whole. With a change of space, the students that are impacted will be re-shaped in a positive way. This will also impact the faculty and make the campus less split in half.  

The problem of the separation between north and south campus can be improved if WCU buys out the land, builds more dorms, and builds more academic buildings for the students and staff. The underclassman health science majors will greatly benefit from this change of space. The students will be re-shaped positively and will not be as stressed out about their classes. The location would be perfect, and it would be a change of scenery around campus.  

Author: John Camperson

9:00 AM

5 thoughts on “Writing Project 1 Draft”

  1. Your topic is good and you have valid arguments to support it. Maybe try adding more examples of how space can be utilized more efficiently (around North campus?) to benefit students that aren’t health science majors.

  2. I thought you had a good idea of somehow bringing the two campuses together. I think you should talk about how this will help all students, not just health science majors. Also, I think you should talk more about how WCU would acquire the land, since when you say ” It would not be that much money, since it is all mostly homeowners” I was thinking that homeowners wouldn’t just give up their homes just for the school.

  3. I really liked your topic and the way you explained your argument. Me being a health science major I agree 100% that the campus should not be separated. I just feel like In a way you should write why this wouldn’t be possible maybe. otherwise it was really well put together.

  4. Nice topic a counter argument that could be used is that you can simply take the shuttle and that missing it is simply from poor time management skills and that the time the shuttle goes to south campus is basically when your time for class starts although it has not officially started. There for it is not needed.
    Also Making more classes in between south and north campus would not change the fact that someone could have a class on north campus and another class on south campus.

  5. This is a good topic and you presented some good arguments. In order to make your argument stronger, adding more examples to your essay would help. For example, talk more about something that can apply to more students rather than just heath science majors.

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