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Brandon Zahal – Weekly Writing & Blogs

Weekly group

Group: Laura, Haley, Kira, Donny 

In this group we talked about some similarities and differences between freire and Percy. We had really good talks about this and really figured out ways they were similar and different. Something that we thought was similar is that they both don’t exactly agree with teaching. They both think teaching is not learning. They are also different because Friere talks about experiencing things a lot and is really big on that. But percy says that if you go see the grand canyon since you didn’t discover the grand canyon it would be different. Percy thinks the fact that you could hear about the grand canyon from outside sources it would not make your experience as special. I feel like Friere would not agree with this and would think the experience would be worth going and learning about.

Response to Isabella Bedore

In this group we talked a lot about how West Chester’s campus is laid out. We talked about how the library should be closer to the dorms because it makes no sense for students too have to walk that far. But it is good that the classrooms are spread out from the dorms because it makes it a different environment. You get out of the chill mode you were in while in your dorm. We also talked about how classes of high quantity are very inefficient because if a student has a question, it is hard for a professor to see them when there are 200 students in one study hall. West Chester made a mistake also we believe with the first year experience class. This is because of how everyone has a different opinions and mindsets so it always just turns into a political debate. There are improvements West Chester could make to make our education more convenient and efficient. Let’s hope they will keep striving to fix some of the problems that we face as students.

Group: Emily, Tj, Lauren, Jenna, Adam, Sam, Michael, Luke, Gabe, Bella

Response to Mia Citerone

In our discussion group today we talked about how Freire thinks students are trash. Basically he says that we only memorize certain information that we need to know for a test or exam. But we might not understand the concept completely and that might cause the students to forget the information in the long run. We talked about how maybe it would be a good idea that teachers go more in depth with what they are teaching and spend more time on it. This is so we don’t have to study and basically teach our selves the information we need to know. Because there Is a reason we have teachers they know the information a lot more than a student and can teach it better. This is why students can get an A in a class but not be that smart on a subject. They can get certain multiple choice testing information right but they might not get the whole concept.

Group: Mimi, Mia, Ethan, Emily, John, Leanne