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Emily Foley – Weekly Writing & Blogs

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Discussion groups are a great alternative for class time. However, there are some things. That could be improved to make this more helpful for the students. One problem with discussion groups is that there is not enough effort put in by the students. Students will show up unprepared and not willing or ready to talk about the topic or even too shy to be willing to talk. Multiple times when I have gone to a discussion, people haven’t read the assigned reading and they don’t know what were talking about in the discussion. This is frustrating for those who actually want to talk about the topic. When we get to talking, often the same things are being repeated in just a different way.  All topics are usually the same just at different times and places. I think that the discussion groups are too open ended. There needs to be more structure. Often people’s locations aren’t clear and there are too many people leading which leads to confusion of where they are held and at what times. Discussion groups are a great idea and they have good potential. Some things just need to be fixed first before moving forward with the idea.

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In our discussion, we analyzed the topic that an educator cannot save learning. Percy describes how teachers cannot teach you anything. It is all up to the student. Teachers are there to push you along whereas they cannot force you to learn or retain information. That is up to the student. Freire also hits on this point when he says no one teaches another. Students and people learn through experience. They need to be engaged by these experiences to get the full learning experience to be what they imagined. Balance is important through this because not only does it allow students to learn how they want, but also what they want. Percy talks about how preconceived ideas of learning can have a negative impact on the information they retain. The students have. To go out and learn for themselves. This is why the educator cannot save learning. The student has to do their part as well.

Leadership week of 10/14

Percy talks about how views and experiences get altered by media and preconception. “The thing is no longer the thing as it confronted the Spaniard; it is rather that which has already been formulated—by picture postcard, geography book, tourist folders, and the words Grand Canyon.” (Percy). Are we really getting a new experience or one that has already been planted in our mind?

Location: Tables outside of University Hall

Time: Friday, 10:00 am

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When it comes to teaching and being taught, listening to what someone says is not always effective. You learn most effectively by experience. Living and going through experiences allow you to grow as a person and gain better insite on situations. Learning does not always need to be academic. You can learn spiritually and mentally. Not everyone learns the same; one person may learn by reading while someone else learns best by watching. Understanding that not everyone learns the same is taking one step farther into becoming a better educator. Handing people knowledge without engaging with them wont allow them to learn. Giving people real life experiences and stuff that they can go through and figure out how to learn on their own way will teach them better, and more, than any classroom would. This is what Freire explains in his writing. Educators lack to realize that not all 50 kids in 1 classroom learning 1 way can understand and comprehend their information correctly. This is where the education system fails in its job to teach; by not giving the experiences necessary to learn.

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In your opinion what makes a teacher good or bad

Teachers can gain reputations from their students throughout the years in either good, or bad ways. Having connections with your students is crucial. Not only does it benefit on the social aspect, but students can actually learn better once they establish a connection with their teacher. Teachers who actually take the time to connect with their students in the classroom can grasp that better reputation. 

            Sitting In on a lecture every week often tends to bore students and makes them less likely to continue to engage in the lecture. Allowing students to interact with each other throughout the class and give them activities allows the students to learn more and appreciate what is being taught better. Freire talks about how teachers only focus on memorization rather than actual understanding. 

            The ignorance of teachers can often be rude and disruptive in a classroom setting. Students are still humans, and I believe some teachers forget that. Students can be treated like objects which makes them not want to be taught. All of these aspects can influence the way a student learns and retains the information. 

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Emily Foley

Paul Freire puts emphasis on the idea that students only memorize and not actually obtain the information. In our discussion, we went into depth trying to decipher what the education really is about. 

  Throughout our educational careers thus far, we all agreed on one main focus, memorization. In classes, we would just memorize the vocab and remember it for the quiz next week and repeat. There was no actual learning. Standardized tests are so heavily pushed that it creates such an unhealthy learning environment. Not only does our scores represent the school, but as well as the teachers. This makes teachers care less about us understanding and learning the material but just temporarily memorizing it, so the school doesn’t come criticize them. With getting these standardized test scores comes the money. The better the students do, the more money the school gets treating us like objects. This creates such an unhealthy and competitive atmosphere. Almost like Darwinism in the education world, but instead of survival of the fittest, its who can memorize the best. The ones who can, get the best scholarships and pay the most money for top tier schools just to say you went there. Money Is the main focus behind the education system. The more we, as students, memorize, the more money they get.