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Jeffrey Biancaniello – Weekly Writing & Blogs

Response to Lauren


Throughout the educational package, the teacher wants you to focus on one main point. The teacher wants you to focus on what they are teaching you not what is happening around you. So if there is construction going on outside or anything going on around you they want your focus still to be on them. The whole rest of the educational package is what is going around you. Everything around you could benefit you in some way but only the academic part will help you with the class. When learning the main point you have to look more deeply into the topic. For instance, you can’t just try and learn based on the powerpoint you have to do more research on it and dive into it. We find this piece of learning by actually performing what is being taught. If we do activities in the lesson we are more likely to gather the information more rather then sitting back and getting lectured. Sometimes if you think you are understanding the information you may not really get all of it because the presentation could get you zoned out. I know with my personal experiences that can happen pretty easy.

Discussion Group week of 10/14

Discussion leader: Jeff Biancaniello

Topic: We will be discussing Percy’s statement ” No, but it means that the student should know what he has on his hands to rescue the specimen from the educational package”. We will be discussing what he means by talking about getting your hands on the educational package.

Date 10/17 @ 8 am

Location: Sykes couches on the right side once you walk in

Response to Haley

Group members: Sabrina

In this discussion, the main focus was learning through being social. As a whole, we agreed that when learning it is easier to learn when more people are talking. We felt that when a teacher is the only one talking it could affect the students. The students may not like classes that are just lectures. It could make the students be less involved and be lazy. It doesn’t have to be everyone talking but as long as some people are talking it will keep more people involved. Also talking during class will get you to know your classmates better. When you know your classmates better it could help you be engaged with them. The more you know your classmates the more you’re likely to bounce ideas off theirs. If you put your ideas out there this could benefit the class. The more ideas it is more likely for a student to understand something because they may have different learning styles.

Response to Katherine

Group members: Leann, Josh, Sam, Katherine

I disagree with this statement because I feel that the students could help out the class with their ideas. I feel if the students are engaged the students could be more into the conversation. Once students start talking I feel that more students would confident in there ideas. Some kids may be shy if only the teacher is talking and the students are sitting there listening. If a teacher just sits up there and talks the kids may not pay attention. I feel that kids are getting smarter and smarter everyday so therefore they could help a teacher out. If a student shares an idea with the teacher may use it in another class. In today’s society students know a lot about technology and they could help the teacher out. Students may not wanna sit back and get lectured they might wanna speak up and help the class. Some teachers may not know everything if it is one of there first years of teaching but an upperclassman has experienced a lot of other teachers they could reflect on their style of teaching.

Response to Olivia Vearling

David Macmullen

Makayla Medycki

Sam Livornl


Gwen Jordan

Maura Kelly

Oliva vearling

Seamus Corkery


Lauren Mcgary

Hailey Clark

I disagree with this statement because I feel that students do know information on what the teachers know also. I feel that the teachers try and just make us memorize everything and I feel that that’s why people say teachers know everything because they just tell us information without us understanding it. I also disagree with this because the students could actually teach the teachers something because they may have knowledge on the topic. The student could help the class out because I feel when a teacher talks for too long the students will not listen as much. When the kids in the class start talking I feel it gets the students more engaged to the conversation. The different styles of teaching could help because the students would rather not sit through a lecture all day. Once a student says something I feel like another student would want to say something too join the conversation and it could help with learning.