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Draft for topic 4 – Weekly Writing & Blogs

Draft for topic 4

Working on tittle

Paulo ideas difference the banking concept of education and the problem posing. The banking concept of education describes how students relied on the way of teaching of a docent, were students only store the information that was taught. The problem posing education makes students to take initiative by themselves in order to develop their own learning. Basically what Freire concludes with  is that problem posing education is better than the banking education concept. In West Chester University students are supposed to take mandatory courses in order to complete their major. Most of those courses had been already taken in high school and most of the students did not have any interest in them, but to pass in order to graduate. Now in West Chester University one of the mandatory courses for my major is HIS 100, (Contemporary Global History). My purpose in this essay is to analyze and implement some strategies that applies to Freire’s ideas model of learning on this course.

Students must have an interest and reflect initiative to practice those concepts they have learned in order to truly learn. For most business major,  HIS 100 is a mandatory courses students have to take in order to complete their requirements. The idea of HIS 100 is to have an understanding of major events and themes of the 20th Century and how they shaped the contemporary world. In my opinion, I don’t really have an interest to learn something that is not related to my career and also if the teacher does not make intuitive for students in order for them to show some interest. Students who take HIS 100, have to buy a book that is required for class. Also this class is scheduled for two days a week, and one hour thirty minutes long. The teacher starts his class by talking about multiple and chronological events while students are only taking notes and listening until class ends, where students are only storing the given information from the teacher and don’t have interactions with others to develop what they are learning in class. 

One of Freire’s main ideas is that teachers must have the ability to engage students in class and make it more interesting for them. It’s not only teachers job to make students succeed in their learning, but students also will put in practice what they learned in class if they have already congruent ideas from their lessons in order to develop them outside of class. As Freire said, “The role of the problem posing is to create, together with the students,” (Freire Pg. 4) in order to improve the learning for students in HIS 100. Since the class is one hour and thirty minutes long, the teacher should break this time in half, while students must be focus during 45 min, they can discuss what the teacher just taught  and compare them with relevant events from the actual world. 

Also those students who are involved in HIS 100 class do not have enough help from the teacher in case they need help outside of class. Courses at West Chester University have most of their content in D2L and notes from the class if clarification is needed. In HIS 100 class, students don’t have extra activities in order to practice or analyze concepts that had been taught. What it would be helpful for students is this extras activities that I just mentioned and could be incorporated into class.

Author: Juliana Beristain


2 thoughts on “Draft for topic 4”

  1. The introduction is great but the introduction needs a little more background information. For a draft this is great but for the final draft, more analysis and organization would be better. One more good thing that the topic is really focused.

  2. The paper is off to a great start. Your introduction paragraph has a strong thesis. The paragraphs are well written and organized. I would recommend adding an attention getter to the introduction of your paper. I would also work on adding transition sentences at the end of paragraphs, and possibly another quote to reinforce your points. Overall great work I would just try to add some more detail and work on the transitions.

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