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Isabella DiPasquale – Weekly Writing & Blogs

draft 2 reviews

John camperson:

praise: Your essay is put together nicely
constructive: reword sentences, try and find new words
Percy: quotes worked well with your topic

Amanda Regan:

Praise: overall a well put together essay
constructive: try and add more Percy throughout the essay
Percy: quotes are good, but need more

draft reviews

Makayla, Maura, Gwen

Praise- off to a good start, you have goos examples throughout your essay Constructive- maybe give an example or two on how classes could benefit from a real experience
Percy- quotes are good they fit well in your essay and with your topic.

Sabrina Lindley

praise- you have a really good opening paragraph and a very well thought out essay
constructive- words are a little repetitive throughout the essay
Percy- all of your quotes are really good and fit well with all of your examples

topic proposal review

John Camperson

praise – your thesis is good! i like how you talk about how students should be utilizing their time. you are off to a good start.

constructive – I think that you should talk more about places students can go to get work done and also talk about ways that students can learn outside of the classroom

Percy – I think your quotes fit well, but you should talk about Percy more in your thesis.

response to gwen

leader: gwen

maura, makayla

In this group discussion we talked about how a past experience can affect a future one.  We believe that this statement is true. Peoples opinion can 100% effect your own. If someone tells you about an experience of their own and it wasn’t good and you end up doing the same thing as them, you are going to go into whatever activity it is with a bad attitude and mindset. Going into  something with a bad mindset will make you have a bad time. Same goes with food, say you eat a burrito and then you get sick, you’re never going to want to eat a burrito again. I believe that just because you have one bad experience doesn’t mean u should let it ruin your next experience. Everything should get a second chance. No one should ever let anyone’s experience affect their own. Make your own opinion on a situation don’t listen to anyone else’s.

response to john

Bella DiPasquale, Sam Livorno, Haley Clark, Dana Roeder, Michael Lindholm, David Hoffman 

“The present surrenders the past and the future” 

This quote says a lot. It’s says how people just think about the past and how it could have been different and how people think about the future and what’s to come. No one lives in the moment of the present. People always think about what they want to be in the future and never actually think about what they are at this very moment. This quote doesn’t just have to do with people and how they think. This quote also relates to items like clothing. Things from the past always pop up. For example, the 80s and the 70s, the 80s were all about bright colors and big hair and scrunchies, and recently this style has been coming back. People strive to have that 80s look. Although some people might say it’s more “stylish” it’s the same concept. As well as the 70s, the 70s were all about hippies and bell bottom jeans and fun prints and patterns. Recently all these clothing items have been making a comeback. Generations repeat, music repeats, how people talk even repeats, everything from the past repeats itself in the future. People say we learn history so history doesn’t repeat itself, but who ever said that teaching kids history won’t make them repeat some of it.

Writing Project 1 Topic Proposal

Bella DiPasquale

Emily Foley

Mia Citerone 

Topic One: Space at WCU

Thesis: The way space is represented at West Chester University can influence ability to learn through the layout of the residential halls, classrooms, and the library which affects how students and teachers learn.


 “Verbalistic lessons, reading requirements,the methods for evaluating “knowledge,” the distance between the teacher and the taught, the criteria for promotion: everything in this ready-to-wear approach serves to obviate thinking”.(Classroom)

“The bank-clerk educator does not realize that there is no true security in his hypertrophied role, that one must seek to live with others in solidarity. One cannot impose oneself, nor even merely co-exist with one’s students. Solidarity requires true communication, and the concept by which such an educator is guided fears and proscribes communication.:” (Housing)

“The world—no longer something to be described with deceptive words—becomes the object of that transforming action by men and women which results in their humanization.” (Library)

response to Noah Heslop

Bella DiPasquale

Noah Heslop, Haley Myers, Nick Passis, Kyle Owens, Muhammad Rabi, Donny Lessing, and Sean Redding

West Chester University has a lot of “space” throughout campus.  Not only West Chester, but many other schools. In a lot of colleges there are lectures, lectures have a good amount of students in them so students feel less connected to their professors, which creates more space, and thats not always good. In smaller classrooms, there is less space and that helps students focus more, and feel more connected to their professors. Sometimes space can be a good thing, the space between classrooms can be helpful because the farter apart classrooms are in a buildings can help students focus more, because there is less noise. Although space can be good, its also good when there is not much space, like said before students can feel more connected in smaller classrooms. Even the smallest action of just having the professor know the students name can help them feel more involved, in lectures students don’t have that connection. Online classes are also an example of “space” and how students could feel less connected. Online classes might be helpful for some students, it might allow them to focus more, but it could also be bad for them. Students who take online classes could also get more distracted and then end up not understanding any of the material they need to learn.

response to David Heffron

Freire compares students to containers, which can affect them negatively.  Most teachers when teaching just stand up in front of the room and give lectures. Not every student is able to learn like that. Everyone has different ways of learning. So, one student could become a “full container” by the end of the class and others could just be “half way full”. Every teacher should want to help the students learn more and not just stop learning because they are “full”.  Teachers and students should work together to come up with ways to make students learn more. Teachers think that standing in front of the class and talking to them is helpful, when in reality students aren’t learning as much as the teachers think they are. Most students want to keep learning, but it’s hard for them because they eventually become “full”. Although students can become “full” at different times,  they all become “full” at some point and eventually have to empty out. When students “empty out” they forget everything they have already learned. 

  Bella D,  David H, Nick P, Noah H, Maddie B, Jason R