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Madison Barker – Page 2 – Weekly Writing & Blogs

topic proposal

Freire’s analysis of education argues that in order for students to be able to learn, they must take control of their own education without help from teachers. I believe the students at WCU have a lot of power over their education, but in different ways, can achieve their own emancipation.

One way is through FYE. If students stop showing up to FYE they cannot fail everyone. We won’t show up until there is an educational value to this class. Currently it is a waste of time and more educational for the professors who will continue to teach it in the future.

         Connection to Freire- Freire says Teachers aren’t teaching to the level that students need, but instead they teach to/for themselves (p1, par6)

Another way is by not showing up to certain Gen eds. As students we are forced to take general education classes that usually have no relation to their major.

         Connection to Freire- Students are being taught things that they are not involved in and don’t care about (list p 1 h. )

discussion 3 response

Ruthie L, Jake H, Sean R, Nick P, Christian G, Michael R, Jake D, Gabby L, Jason R, Liya S, Juliana B, Timothy D, Riley B, Maddie B

In our discussion we talked about banking education and problem-posing education and their strengths/weaknesses. We also talked about how the education system could be improved. I think it’s important for us to take ownership of our education. Freire compares students to containers and talks about how we are forced to just memorize all this information without really doing anything with it. Students are not really involved in their education. Just memorizing facts and restating them, over time they will easily be forgotten. I think that in order to truly learn, we need to use information and engage in it. Different activities or involving the students in the topic, rather than the teacher just speaking and memorizing, would be much more effective. Students should tie what they’re learning to their everyday life. By making these connections, the student will be able to remember the information much easier.

Freire and Oppression

Jake D, Gabby L, David H, Jason R, Maddie B, Timothy D

In our discussion, we talked about oppression and how different groups of people are “inside the structure,” as said by Freire. I think the people who are oppressed have less opportunity. It is well known that people born into wealthier families will most likely live in that lifestyle. On the other side, those born poor will most likely stay that way their entire lives. In society today, many different groups of people are oppressed. I think there should be more opportunity for those oppressed, to become more successful. I also think people should try and help those who are oppressed to stay on their feet. It is difficult to overcome poverty without help from others. Often times people will donate money to things that are not, in my opinion, as important as taking care of oppressed people. For example, people are donating millions of dollars to build a wall, while there are people who struggle to eat everyday.

Freire compares students to containers

The people at this discussion were Maddie B. Jason R. David H. Bella D. Nick P. Noah H.

Freire compares students to a container which can negatively impact their learning. If you compare a student to a container, they can be expected to cram a lot of information in a short amount of time. Students have many classes a day and have to memorize many facts and statements said by their teachers in that class. I think sometimes teachers forget that students are in many classes and can easily become a “full container” in just one class. I believe that a lecture is an ineffective way to teach a student, as it can be harder to memorize so much information. If students were more engaged in the lesson, they may be more motivated to learn. This might also help the student to retain the information better, as they can remember what they were doing and how they were involved in the topic, rather than all the information that was said to them in a large class setting. Students and teachers should work together to allow the student to participate in the topic being discussed that day in order to allow the student to engage in the topic.