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Lauren Beccaria – Weekly Writing & Blogs

Lauren’s Team peer review Luke Jarvis

Positive-I think your ideas about use of time outside class are really good
Negative- Relate your thesis to percy.
Percy- I see that you are planning on using the idea of the educational package and i think this would be great just make sure to relate it to your ideas
Positive: I think that there is a good thesis and you will be able to bounce ideas off of it.

Negative:The only thing about thesis that could use more work is the opening sentence, that could use some work to get people’s attention

Percy: The quotes are good they have a good relation to your topic
Positive: I like the start to your thesis and like that you give examples for how to do it
Negative: However it sounds a little too repetitive as well
Percy: I like the Percy quotes that you choose and think it matches your thesis

Lauren’s team peer review of Isabella DiPasquale

Lauren’s Team
-Positive: I love the idea of having discussions instead of class, I think it’s important to step back and learn from the unexpected.
-Negative: There a few typos, try to come up with more examples/ideas on how we can learn in situations besides the classroom
-Percy: I like how you said teachers talking about unrelated topics, try to tie this in to how Percy’s idea that you can never learn from whats intended. Ex, cant learn math in math class but maybe you hear someone talking about a new artist that you learn about in that class. Sounds weird but thats what percy says.
Positive: Your thesis is very strong it really hits the key points through out it. The quotes are good and can fit your topic well.
Negative: there is some extra sentences that could be cut out of the thesis or you could combine some of the ideas to make it shorter.
Percy: The quotes are good there is enough there to back up your ideas
Positive: the content of the your essay is really good and you’re on the right path with using evidence from both Percy and Freire
Negative: However there are some grammatical errors and minor mistakes that you should look over
Percy: I also like the way you interpreted Percy’s quote and even gave a great example of how to execute it

Topic Proposal

Topic 1

Team: Lauren Beccaria, Sami Kakar, Jeff Biancaniello

Thesis: Although it is important to focus on a major, it is necessary to take courses in other fields to create the well rounded education of an individual so they can be prepared for anything in their future endeavors. 


  • Creates well rounded knowledge in students
  • Makes students prepared for more problems that they might run into outside their major 

Supporting ideas from percy

  • Educational package
  • Sovereignty


  • “To put it bluntly: A student who has the desire to get at a dogfish or a Shakespeare sonnet may have the greatest difficulty in salvaging the creature itself from the educational package in which it is presented.”
  • “If we look into the ways in which the student can recover the dogfish (or the sonnet), we will see that they have in common the stratagem of avoiding the educator’s direct presentation of the object as a lesson to be learned and restoring access to sonnet and dogfish as beings to be known, reasserting the sovereignty of knower over known.”

Discussion group 10/24

Topic: Today in class we talked about the “educational packages” that teachers give to students. Percy says that in these educational packages there is only a small part of it that is intended to be learned. How do we find this piece of learning? What educational packages have we seen in our own learning experiences?

Where: Tables outside University Hall

Time: 9:30 am, Thursday

Response to Luke

Sami, Luke

At Luke’s discussion, we discussed whether the Grand Canyon is capable of regaining its beauty. We came to the conclusion that it would be difficult to regain its beauty. No matter how much the Grand Canyon can change physically, the known evil of what took place in the past refrains the Canyon from being beautiful. This evil that occurred was when the British explorers stole, and murdered many natives for the land. Perry talks about how the Grand Canyon is basically hyped up in brochures, geography textbooks, postcards, and even the name itself. The name Grand Canyon alludes to a magical and majestic land. With all of the development of the land for tourism and such, it has lost much of its original beauty. Perry calls this many names: symbolic complex, preformed complex, preformulation, and more. People who know the background of the land can get upset or disappointed by its appearance, knowing that it was once a place where people lived and thrived.

Response to Mackenzie

During Mackenzie’s discussion we talked about the quote “Here, no one teaches another, nor is anyone selftaught. People teach each other…” We decided that this quote meant that it is not possible to learn from yourself, nor from someone else. Instead, Freire is saying that the only way in which we can learn is by teaching others. While we try to explain and teach others, we are teaching ourselves, rather than teaching the other person. The more someone teaches the more they learn. Mackenzie brought up a story from high school that perfectly exemplified Freire’s statement. She said that she had a math teacher who made the class teach a problem to another student every time before they took a test or quiz. Talking about things that someone is passionate about can help someone learn or want to learn more about those topics. Sharing information with other people can help the teacher to have a deeper understanding of the information. Connecting an idea to a personal example can also help it stick in someone’s mind.

Writing Project 1 Topic Proposal

Topic: Topic 1 (podcast)

Team: Lauren Beccaria, Sami Kakar, Jeffrey Biancaniello

Working Thesis: There is pronounced significance as to how West Chester University campus is spatially arranged; however, there is a myriad of solutions to enhance the learning and living environment to best help learners to succeed.

Two quotes from Freire to back up our Thesis:

Quote 1: “A deepened consciousness of their situation leads people to apprehend that situation as an historical reality susceptible of transformation. Resignation gives way to the drive for transformation and inquiry, over which men feel themselves to be in control. If people, as historical beings necessarily engaged with other people in a movement of inquiry, did not control that movement, it would be (and is) a violation of their humanity. Any situation in which some individuals prevent others from engaging in the process of inquiry is one of violence. The means used are not important; to alienate human beings from their own decision-making is to change them into objects.”

Quote 2: “This movement of inquiry must be directed towards humanization— the people’s historical vocation. The pursuit of full humanity, however, cannot be carried out in isolation or individualism, but only in fellowship and solidarity; therefore it cannot unfold in the antagonistic relations between oppressors and oppressed. No one can be authentically human while he prevents others from being so.”

response to isabella

During Isabella’s discussion we talked about the spatial organization of West Chester’s campus. We talked about how West Chester’s campus is relatively smaller than other big schools. The academic buildings are separated from the dorm buildings and sports areas. One of the people in our group spoke about how a teacher told her that she should keep academics and leisure separate. We agreed that using the study lounges is a good spatial balance. The library would be more spatially effective if it was closer to the dorms. The typical classroom setting of high school is an effective way to learn and feel free to ask questions; whereas, in a lecture setting, it is a much more pressured environment. Students don’t feel as free to speak up. The FYE breakout sessions are a positive way to experience both a class and lecture environment; however, it is distracting to have four teachers and a million directions to follow.

bella luke brandon gabe michael sam jenna adam tj emily

Response to Ava Hill

In this discussion we talked about memorization and how it is not equivalent to learning and understanding information. We all recalled that in high school after taking a quiz or test we forgot the information. In the conversation it came up that high school is generally the same academic path for everyone and it is usually free; whereas, in college the material that you study is customized to what you want to learn, and you are paying for your education. This can be a motivating factor as to why it makes information more important to understand than memorize. We talked about how high school teachers know certain things are required but pointless so its okay if students only memorize it temporarily. Memorization can help a student in the short run but not in the long run. Certain jobs in the real world require memorization such as nurses for example; however, they must learn and understand how to use them for them to be useful and be permanently memorized.

Ava H, RJ W, TJ F, Kira A, Sam W, Katherine S