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Olivia Vearling – Weekly Writing & Blogs

draft review #2 for Michael Lindholm

constructive: I think your opening paragraph is very well said but I would try to clearly state you four ideas on how to better learn in the classroom

use of Percy: I think this is a good quote by Percy that directly relates to the problem you are talking about in the paragraph. Maybe try to elaborate on the quote more though

praise: I think internships is a really good idea to get students to learn more. Do your solutions all have to be for in the classroom though?

Draft review #2 for Adam Griffin

constructive: The idea of practice is good but maybe try to incorporate another example for another major on how practice would be beneficial and what those students would do to practice.

use of Percy: this quote from Percy is a good choice to use for this argument. It relates to the topic you are talking about and flows nicely

Praise: Good use of Percy and Freire in your opening paragraph to introduce the reader to what you are talking about

Peer Review for Haley, Seamus and David

Use of Percy: Good use of Percy in your thesis to introduce the reader to what your writing about

Positive: I think these are good ways that students can continue to learn outside of the classroom

constructive: I think clubs is a good idea but what would these clubs do to help students really learn? Maybe provide an example of a club we have here at WCU and relate it to what your writing about.

Peer review of Kenzie and Jenna

Negative: I would try to elaborate more in your thesis. It is kind of confusing what you are going to be talking about

Positive: I think this is a great example of Friere that relates to your topic nicely. It fits with the Percy quote you used above it. I would try to say more about it though afterwards.

Use of Percy: This is a good use of Percy in your essay and your understanding of it is good as well. It adds to your essay.

Peer Review for Isabella Bedore

Praise: good use of Freire and fidning quotes that relate to your problem and solution.

Constructive: Your problem is clear but I would try to make your solution to it more clear. How can the students take their education into their own hands? and what can teacher specifically do?

Use of percy: Your quotes chosen by Percy are good. How will you relate them to your thesis?

Peer Review for Nik Passias

Praise: you two sub points on your topic are strong and on topic and can be used well for your essay.

Construction: In your thesis, identify the problem at hand more clearly and why it is a problem.

Use of Percy: Your quotes from Percy are good and relate well to your chosen topic.

Response to Nik

Group members: Amanda, Seamus, Sarah

In this weeks discussion our small group talked about the second topic for this project. Topic two talks about what could happen outside of the classrooms here at WCU to support student learning. Our group thought that students should take advantage of all that is offered outside of the classroom. One example we came up with would be the tutoring center. The tutoring center provides students with a place to take initiative of their own learning and spend a couple hours a week to further their education and understand more about a class or topic. Students could also join clubs and study groups to keep themselves busy and prepared for all their classes. If students keep themselves busy with tutoring, clubs and study groups, that is more time being productive and getting ahead on work and studying.

Response to Amanda Regan

group members: Maura, Julia, Seamus, Nick

Response: In todays discussion we talked about how Walker Percy said something along the lines of, looking is like sucking and the more lookers there are the less we will see. We discussed how if more people were to see something the less value that something would have and the less it will be appreciated. The person who first discovers something will have a different view on it then everyone who sees it after them. The first person who sees something gets to interpret it in their own way. Everyone else who sees it after, has an image already in their head of its supposed to look like and be like. The first time something is discovered it is like the raw reaction to it. After that, that something gets associated with things and your kind of forced to view it just like everyone else does.

Writing Project #1

Topic selection: #2, student power

Group: Just me

Working Thesis: Freire makes clear in his essay that teachers in all circumstances are like oppressors and the students are like the oppressed. His understanding of education is that teachers can’t teach students and students need to find a way to gain their own knowledge through a different source of learning. Here at WCU students can find their power and freedom from the professors by collaborating with other students on assignments and projects through communication to truly understand what is at hand and by talking to others with different perspectives.

Quotable Sections: “Those truly committed to liberation must reject the banking concept in its entirety, adopting instead a concept of women and men as conscious beings, and consciousness as consciousness intent upon the world. They must abandon the educational goal of deposit-making and replace it with the posing of the problems of human beings in their relations with the world.”  (P.4)

“Liberating education consists in acts of cognition, not transferrals of information. It is a learning situation in which the cognizable object (far from being the end of the cognitive act) intermediates the cognitive actors—teacher on the one hand and students on the other.” (P.4)

Response to Bella DiPasquale

group members: maura, qwen, david, julia, emily, amanda, ava, mia, john, mikayla

In our discussion we talked about how people are able to learn effectively and what is not effective for learning. Freire talks about how people cannot learn in an environment where a teacher is just lecturing at the students. Freire says one cannot teach someone else and you cannot teach yourself. We discussed how people can not formulate knowledge and you can only learn by communicating with two or more people. In order to learn you have to engage in conversation to get something out of it. You learn by talking out loud and obtaining the information you are saying yourself. You in a way teach yourself by having intelligent conversations with other people. You can also solve your own problems by just talking out loud to another person and hearing yourself talk. By listening to your self talk you also give yourself advise and essentially solve your problems yourself. Overall people cannot be taught by having information jammed into there head without even saying a word abt the information.

Response to Caitlin Mangini

group: Amanda Regan, Srarah veneziale, Meghan kidd, Seamus Corkery, Sabrina lindeley, Haley Clark, Ava Hill

Response: In today’s discussion we talked about how students are supposed to just obtain all the information teachers give them like a robot without even processing the content. People can agree with this because teachers expect you to know the answer right away and they will randomly call you out and put you on the spot to answer anything they ask. Teachers read from power points and except the students to just know everything and memorize everything that was put on the screen. They dont take the time to explain it and make the students understand fully. Students then most likely feel stressed because they have to learn all the material in order to pass tests. People could also disagree with this because the teachers expect you to make the most out of what they tell you in class so its up to you what you want to gain from it. When teachers lecture at you it is up to you to re teach yourself the material and make sure you understand what is going on.

“The teacher knows everything and the students know nothing”

In this discussion we will be talking about the statement that the teachers know everything and the students know nothing. Think about if you agree or disagree with this and why? and why is this a common thought in our society?

Topic: “The ‘Banking’ Concept of Education”

Time and date: September 5, 12:30

Location: Seating area in front of university Hall