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Weekly Writing & Blogs – Page 2 – WRT120 F2019 Prof Randall Cream

Discussion group 12/6

Do you think the writing groups helped understand the material, and do you think that they can be changed in any way. Also did the writing class help build off of what you already know for writing?

Location: Sykes entrance/ sitting area.

Time: 9:00 am

Response to Isabella Bedore


Sam, Isabella and Adam

How did the course content of WRT 120 change or not change our point of view of higher education?

Freire and Percy have solidified in my mind that you cant learn in a traditional classroom setting. We discussed that the course did change all of our points of view on higher education. After doing peer reviews and reading different essays, it all made us feel more connected. It made us realize that a lot of our ideas and morals are similar to each other. For example, we all talked about similar ways students can learn outside the classroom. This discussion made us think more about having student connections and how they are beneficial to us. Discussion groups were a major part of this because they helped us meet new people also see anew point of view on different ideas.

response to Olivia Riley

leader- olivia

participants- sabrina lindley

In this discussion we talked about WRT 120 and how it helped us this semester. We said that writing 120 helped us to understand education and our classes better by reading Percy and Freire. I got a better understanding of what good education is. We also said that having meetings with our professor helped us to become better writers by getting feedback and critiques on our work. The discussion groups also helped me to understand the content of Percy and Freire better by learning other students’ perspectives on the content. I also enjoyed the writing discussion groups because we got to get out of the classroom and go to different locations and meet other students in a different environment. Writing 120 was very beneficial to me and definitely improved my writing skills and I will take all that I learned and apply it to my next semester WRT 200 course.

Final discussion group

  • Topic: In class this week we talked about if we are excused from the third essay. During this discussion group we will talk about how our papers went through out this semester and how we can improve for next semester.
  • Tables outside University Hall on Thursday Dec. 5th at 11:30 am

Final Discussion

Topic: We will be discussing how these discussion groups helped us this semester as well as the pros and cons and what can be done to improve them.

Location: Inside Lawrence at the tables next to Einsteins.

Time and date: Thursday @ 3:30

Response to Meghan K

Participants: Meghan and I

In this mornings discussion group, Meghan and I talked about how the past semester has gone and what we learned from Percy and Friere. We discussed the different teaching styles we went over and how effective they are. We also talked about the different project topics and what we learned from them. Seeing as Meghan and I worked together for both projects, we compared idea while working on our projects and what teaching styles could be most effective to students success. In our last project, we combined different ways of indirect teaching styles like student-led classes and fieldwork experience. By doing this, we learned a lot about how important it is for professors to really do the method that is proven most effective for the given major.

Proposal 3

Problem: Students at West Chester are not able to do work in classes because other classes are giving more work or not enough work in classes. The students cannot be successful in their main courses if classes are not a main priority.

 Solution: Change the workload in the classes that are not a big effect on the person’s major/grade. Also, for major courses have more work but relates to my major and I will use for future reference. 

Effects: Students will only focus on their major and work for those classes only.

Students will be less stressed about the classes that are not as important. 

 Professors can work mainly on the material that they want to give the students instead of having to give extra work. 

Students now can focus on extracurriculars and get a job. 

Project 3 proposal

Problem: “learning” is through lecture based, memorization classes and it prevents students from correctly processing the information given to them.

Solution: Restructuring student schedules to have smaller class sizes for students

Effects: More one on one interaction between classmates and teachers

Class structured not to memorize but to understand information

more balanced teaching styles to all students

more student engagement by opening up the class to more discussion based activities

Project 3 Topic Proposal

Problem: Most lecture based classes are taught on a memorization structure. This is a problem because actual learning does not take place in these kinds of environments.

Solution: Implementing an additional class period containing smaller number of student for more one-on-one interactions and have more of a group discussion based structure.

Effects: Students get the interactions between each other and the teacher for actual learning to take place

Less memorization is taking place

Maybe difficult to schedule these class periods for all classes

Leads to better overall grades

Project 3 Proposal

Students don’t spend enough time preparing for their classes, requiring students to study outside the classroom will overall benefit their academic quality at college. Students using online resources, starting studying groups, using other resources, and just overall studying will preform better in their classes.