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Ava Hill – Weekly Writing & Blogs

Revised Draft Comments: Meghan Kidd/ Sam Pawluczyk

Constructive: Considering the topic is Teaching without Teaching, your use of lecturing is still driven from the educator and does not exactly achieve this goal of teaching without teaching due to the fact that the teacher would still be giving the students a prepackaged concept.

Percy: Make sure you add a quote from Percy (or Freire) to support what you are saying. How does Percy distinguish that students should be teaching?

Praise: I believe discussions achieve the idea of teaching without teaching, Percy believes that students should avoid the educators presentation and Freire believes that students should fight for their emancipation and Percy believes students must fight for their sovereignty

Revised Draft Comment John Camperson

Constructive: Try to find another word instead of using “kind of.” For example instead say, In Walker Percy’s work of “The Loss of the Creature,” he explains that in order to increase learning one must put themselves in someone else shoes. Kind of sounds unsure.

Praise: I really like this sub point, study groups is a wonderful way for students to experience transformative learning outside the classroom.

Percy: I think that there may be another quote from Percy that can connect to students daily reflection. I believe this quote has more to do with the educator than the students planning their days out.

Kira Aves Draft Comments

Kira Aves

Praise: I like how you incorporated the symbolic complex into this paragraph, because this was a key problem in the learners mind according to Percy

Constructive: Maybe your two other points could be internships and experimental learning (For example, observations)

Percy: I like how you backed up what you previously stated about the symbolic complex with this quote from Percy

Draft Comments Jasons Group

David & Jason

Praise: I think that these are good choices to present the ideas of teaching without teaching, all of these are indirect and student based

Constructive: What techniques are you referring to? Very broad. Also how are you going to incorporate Freire, he was not mentioned in your introduction.

Percy: this was a good choice of quote to use considering the topic of the paragraph is to allow students to research for themselves

Proposal Peer Review:

Haley Myers

Praise: I think that the ideas you have created for education outside of the classroom are going to make your essay very strong, and help you to use Percy and Freire.

Constructive: Expand on this with connection to Percy.
For example:
Students constantly find themselves in the predicament in that the information presented in class isn’t clearly comprehended, Percy identifies this as the prepackaged ideas of a teacher. Everyone learns differently whether students learn visually, auditory, or physically. In this essay I will use Percy’s ideas to accommodate for all learners. Education outside the classroom will help students grasp complex information presented in class to improve their comprehension of their desired major and minor of study through tutoring, field trips, study abroad, discussion groups and internships.

Percy: I think that your use of Percy here is strong, Percy discusses that we need to see things for ourselves, learning outside the classroom is crucial, but only if the student gets rid of the pre packaged idea. Field trips and studying abroad can still become the banking concept of education… how can we make sure it doesn’t become that?

Kyle Owens

Praise: I think that this is essential for this topic, all students know how they learn best, to implement Percy in this you can say that students don’t learn from a prepackaged idea that the teacher creates… students have to learn for themselves

Constructive: Your thesis needs more to it, and you can not identify the professor, the topic is all about the students
For example:
As Percy has identified, the educator can do nothing for the student. In order to achieve teaching without teaching here at West Chester University, classrooms need to become more student based and incorporate styles of learning that benefit the student individually.

Percy: Another quote that I think would benefit your paper is from page 6. “For there is nothing the educator can do to provide for this need of the student, everything the educator does only succeeds in becoming, for the student, part of the educational package.”

Response to Julia D. 10/24

Leader: Julia D., Emily F., Mia C.

In our discussion group today we talked about how the educator can not save learning, there is no possible way that an educator can provide all of your knowledge. The teacher can’t really teach anything, as both Friere and Percy told us, it is completely up to the student as to the knowledge they will receive. Friere said that “no one teaches another” going off of Percy’s idea that the educator can not save learning. Student’s must be engaged in there education, the educator can not make a student learn, they can not make a student complete an assignment, they can not make a student focus, they must accomplish this through themselves and their own experiences with education. In our discussion we all agreed that it isn’t the educators fault for a student’s failure because they can not save a student from not learning it is entirely up to them as the learner to get the most out of their education. A class is what you make out of it, what you decide is important, what work you decide to complete. All the educator can do is give you the information to take with you, in hopes that you will turn that into a knowledgable experience.

Topic Proposal: Ava Hill

Topic Selection: Student Power

Team Selection: Myself

Thesis: Freire recognizes that the banking concept of education won’t work, the solution isn’t the teacher but the student’s power to receive their freedom. Here at West Chester University students must gain this freedom through Freire’s problem-posing education by engaging in group projects to emphasize communication as well as using information to learn that is important to their own reality.

2 Quotes: 1. “Here, no one teaches another, nor is anyone self-taught. People teach each other, mediated by the world, by the coginazable objects which in banking education are ‘owned’ by the teacher” 2. “Students, as they are increasingly posed with problems relating to themselves in the world and with the world, will feel increasingly challenged and obliged to respond to their challenge.” 3. ” Authentic thinking thinking that is concerned with reality, does not take place in ivory tower isolation, but only in communication.”

Response To Bella D.

Bella D. (Leader), Amanda R., Maura K., David H., Ethan S., Gwen J., Mia C., John A., Emily F.

In our discussion we talked about Freire’s quote “here no one teachers another, nor is anyone taught. People teach each other.” We discussed how no one teaches each other and no one teaches themselves, but instead learning is done through communication of two people, where only one person is truly learning. What happens is you take your knowledge and give it to others through communication, you instead learn from teaching but not by being taught. Everyone learns and understands differently, and so in order to learn you must talk to another person, but only for your own self learning. We learn from our own personal experiences, not from what is being taught to us… you can not formulate knowledge. Engaging in a conversation, communicating with another person and speaking with that person is learning.

Response to Caitlin Mangini

Amanda R., Sara V., Meghan K., Seamus C., Sabrina L., Haley C., Olivia V.

In our discussion group we talked about how Fiere discusses that “Humanism in the banking concept masks humans turning them into automatons;” Basically turning humans into computers and robots. Our group discussed both sides of this, agree and disagree. We all agreed that teachers just talk and fill us with information in hopes that we will just spit out all the information they have given us on our tests, without really explaining the why and how of the information. Teachers also often put us on the spot by calling us out to answer questions in class just like a robot would. They have hoped you have memorized and retained the explosive amount of information they have given you. The disagreement to this point is that teachers want you to be critical thinkers, and become learners. Everything shouldn’t just be given to you, teachers don’t want to chase you, they want you to pull out the important information. Teachers can talk for hours and often very few will actually take out information and truly learn it, instead they become robots and just use education for memorization.


  1. During this discussion group we will talk about memorization, how it benefits a student, and how it disadvantages a student. In Freire’s essay he discusses how teachers just flush information into students but never truly give them the knowledge. Before coming to my discussion group, think about this question; In highschool, or in college, do you feel as though you are being taught or only being taught to memorize?
  2. Thursday September 5th @ 3:30
  3. Outside on the quad